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Vacations and your mental health

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — As we jump into spring, this is a perfect time to kick back, relax, and take time for yourself. What better way to do that than with a vacation?

Indiana University Health Clinical Psychologist, Danielle Henderson, joined us on Saturday’s Daybreak to talk about the benefits of taking a vacation when you’re feeling burn-out.

“We talk about being present and being focused in the present moment, so vacations or time away can be really nice times to do that. A lot of times during our work day, we’re trying to do multiple things all at the same time and thinking about different things that are coming up on our schedule. With time away from work, it really gives you time to think about, ‘Let me try to focus on the task that I’m doing right now,’” Henderson said.

Watch the full interview above to learn more about mindfulness and mental health, and be sure to plan a vacation getaway!