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Man caught on camera peeping in family’s window on east side

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis homeowner is warning others after a man was caught on camera peeping in the family’s windows.

The incident happened over the weekend at a home near 25th Street and Rural Street on the city’s east side.

The homeowner, who did not want to be identified on camera, told 24-Hour News 8 he has never seen anything like this before.

Surveillance video shows a man looking into his house and truck. Hours later, video shows him taking off his clothes in front of their house.

“I’ve never really been through this before so I really didn’t think much at the beginning,” said the homeowner. “I was like, maybe he got the wrong house.”

The homeowner said he was watching TV in his living room Saturday night when he heard a strange noise.

“I really didn’t pay much attention I thought it was the dog wagging his tail or something,” he said.

But the surveillance video shows a stranger on his front porch.

“When I was like going back and looking at the footage that’s when I noticed that he was actually looking in the house and you know he probably saw me through the window,” he said.

The video captured a man pulling up to the house around 10 p.m. He parked his car, locked the doors, and walked up to the front porch. The video shows him looking through the windows. At one point, he jumps to get a better look.

“I think that he was trying to see if somebody was in here so he can break in,” claimed the homeowner.

The activity didn’t end there. The video goes on with the man looking into the homeowner’s truck.

“I went to the bedroom to get my shoes so by the time I go outside and look, he’s gone,” he said.

The man disappeared into the night leaving his car behind. The homeowner said he came back three hours later to pick up his car and changed his clothes right in front of their house before driving off.

“He takes his pants off,” said the homeowner. “Why would you change clothes? Especially at one in the morning unless you did something that you’re not supposed to.”

The homeowner said he’s glad his wife and children were not home at the time.

“I would say to be aware of your surroundings and just pay attention,” he said.

He’s now urging others in the neighborhood to be extra careful.

“You never know who’s watching your house and just really, you know lock your doors and get an alarm system,” he said.

The homeowner said his wife filed a police report with IMPD.

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