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Man faces four felony charges after allegedly impersonating marshal

MARION COUNTY (WISH) — An Indianapolis man faces four felony charges after allegedly kicking down a door and impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Alvino Jones, 32, allegedly kicked in an apartment door just after midnight on March 6. According to court documents, he told the two inhabitants that he was a federal marshal and that he had a search warrant for the residence.

One of the residents said he saw a total of four people outside of his apartment. He also said one person had a gun and believed someone had a badge. The victim also stated that all of the subjects had their faces covered.

After telling them that the police were on their way, they went back to their vehicle and left.

IMPD located the vehicle at a Speedway gas station and questioned the suspects. Police say that Jones, along with Darryl Hampton and Jessica Cundari, confirmed that they had just tried to serve a warrant at the victim’s address.

The IMPD officer then checked on that alleged warrant and found nothing.

A vehicle search revealed that it was improperly registered and hadn’t been plated since 2009. Three guns were also found in the car. Additionally, a folder of Marion County arrest warrants were found as was a bail agent badge.

Cundari and Hampton allegedly told investigators that Jones claimed to have arrest powers. Cundari said Jones put a handgun in her purse and said that he didn’t have a license.

Cundari and Hamilton also said that the group had been to another residence earlier. Both stated that Jones told them to force their way into the residence and handcuff a woman. Court documents say that Jones confirmed this incident.

Court documents reveal that investigators had been looking into Jones since December 2014. Detectives found pictures of Jones on Facebook wearing tactical police gear, a badge and a gun in a holster. Detectives also say they found a video on March 5 of Jones and others entering a searching a residence. The video also allegedly contains Jones stating that he was doing security with the sheriff’s department.

Investigators also spoke with a man named Brian Cox. Documents state that Cox was an employee of Jones and attempted to serve warrants approximately six times. Cox believed that Jones was a licensed bail recovery agent and that he observed at least one forced entry. Cox also said that Jones had a handgun with him each time. According to Cox, Jones had a sheriff contact that provided him with his warrants.

Another interview with investigators turned up more of the same. A man named David Burgess said that he was also employed by Jones and that he had been with him on four or five occasions to serve warrants. Burgess also said that Jones would carry a gun and identity himself as a federal agent. Burgess confirmed a forced entry occurring on March 5.

Court documents state that Jones was convicted after a 2003 carjacking in Marion County, making him a serious violent felon.

Jones faces four counts:

  • Attempted burglary – level two felony
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon – level four felony
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon – level four felony
  • Impersonation of a public servant – level six felony