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Mattel considers making same-sex couple Barbie set

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA/CNN) – A same-sex couple has inspired the makers of Barbie to consider diversifying their collection. 

According to Good Morning America, Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio are getting married next year. 

“We have a wonderful, loving and caring Italian family,” Jacobi told the morning show. “Everyone is so excited for our big day, especially my two nieces. They have been talking about our wedding all year long and have been raised to understand and only know that love is love.”

The girls will serve as flower girls. Natalie, the oldest, just turned eight. Last weekend, the couple was shopping for her birthday gift and tried to find a doll wedding set.

“Like any good Uncle — or #Guncle  — would do,” Jacobi said. “I went out to look for a meaningful birthday present. She loves Barbies, playing with her dolls, just like any other kid. In honor of our upcoming wedding, I wanted to give her something related to the wedding but also something she would enjoy.”

But the only ones available featured a heterosexual bride and groom.

“So, I came across the Mattel/Barbie ‘Wedding Set!’ It was almost perfect, two flower girls, a cake, and all, but, only a bride and groom were available.”

So the uncle took matters into his own hands and made her a same-sex wedding set, complete with two grooms.

He shared a photo of his creation on Instagram and tagged Mattel. 

Now the couple is meeting with the head of the Barbie design team next week in Los Angeles, a Mattel spokesperson confirmed. 

 “It’s going to come up in your family no matter what. As more same sex couples are having kids, your kids are going to have kids in the class that have gay parents and things like that too so ti’s not that huge shock anymore.”