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Meal train organized for Indianapolis health care workers

Meal train organized for Indianapolis health care workers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — During a time when many people are looking for creative ways to support health care workers, one man has organized a way for everyone to help from the comfort of their homes.

Tyler Brooks’ wife is a nurse at St. Vincent Hospital. He knows the realities of what she and her fellow health care workers are going through.

“I know she has been working ridiculously long hours and often not getting breaks, and just one of the ways that I knew how to give back — I know how to organize things and help provide food,’ said Brooks.

To help, he organized a meal train where people can sign up to have food delivered from restaurants to the hospital. Already 300 people have signed up to send meals.

Calling all companies, friends, families, and individuals.Join us in supporting our front-line responders handling…

Posted by Tyler Brooks on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

“Just another way for us to say thank you from a distance when we can’t be there directly to support,” said Brooks.

Whoever signs up to send a meal is feeding 20-30 people who work in that unit.

“That is some 6,000, 6,500 meals in the last six days that we have been able to provide for front-line workers,” said Brooks.

Families and friends from around the country have been able to donate to their loved ones inside the hospitals.

Kayla Hall is a nurse in the ICU at IU Health Methodist Hospital.

“I have had a lot of people reach out to me and ask what they can do, and it is kind of hard because unless you are on those front lines, there is not a lot you can do, except for stay home,” said Hall.

Photo courtesy Kayla Hall

Hall’s unit has received a meal every day from the meal train since it started.

“We are booked through April 17 as far as I have seen, which is amazing,” said Hall.

She says during a time that is grim inside Indianapolis hospitals, having something to look forward to is helpful.

Photo courtesy Kayla Hall

“Everything else in our unit, in our patient population for the next foreseeable future, is unknown but at least we can walk in and say OK, this week I know I am going to get Chick-fil-A,” said Hall.

Brooks says the best options for food delivery are meals that are individually packaged or somehow separated to help prevent the spread of germs.

“It is honestly one of the best feelings to know people actually care enough to show their support,” said Hall.

The calendar is set up to provide meals through the end of April. Brooks said that if the need and interest last longer, he is willing to extend the meal train.