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Efforts to save historic Winchester mansion underway after tornado

Latest updates on tornado recovery in Indiana

WINCHESTER, Ind. (WISH) — Thursday’s EF3 tornado left a path of destruction in Winchester, but the historic “General Asahel Stone Mansion” was left relatively unscathed, despite being in the direct path of the storm.

Dann Allen said a neighbor saw the tornado come directly toward the mansion, but Dan said there is minimal damage because of the craftsmanship of this Civil War Era house.

“Built this house so well that when the tornado hit it, it caused it to bounce up and jump over those houses and came back down with fury,” said Allen.

Allen said a Civil War general built this house and the surrounding neighborhood after the war. Allen is restoring the home with his brother, and had just finished fixing the roof on Tuesday before the tornado came and damaged it again.

“No leaks!” Allen said. “After the tornado, [I] came back and it was leaking everywhere,” Allen said. “[I] went up the next day and saw the roofing had just lifted up.”

Allen runs a group called STOP, short for “Save the Old Properties,” and is dedicating all of his time and money to restore six properties across northeast Indiana and Ohio.

These properties include two churches, the Randolph County Asylum, the Old Blackford County Jail, an Ohio High School, and the mansion.

“We took a risk,” Allen said. “This is our retirement money. So, then we hope what revenues we make to get a little bit back for retirement, but right now, we’re just putting everything back into it.”

“Ultimately, these buildings are worth saving. This one and all the others is because of the history and the craftsmanship.”

Those interested in learning more about the “General Asahel Stone Mansion” learn more on this website.