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Noblesville residents express shock after former teacher charged

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Cars sat in the driveway Thursday at Nicholas McKinney’s last known address in Noblesville.

The former Noblesville High School teacher is charged with three felonies for alleged crimes that happened in his former home on the 6200 block of Burlington Avenue in Indianapolis in 2012.

Some of the charges included child seduction.

According to court documents, McKinney invited two teenage girls over his house to do tequila shots back in 2012. One of the girls was a former student at Noblesville High School.

When it got late, he told the girls they can stay in his bed, while he slept on the couch. One of the victims say McKinney didn’t stick to the agreement. She says he slipped into the bed with the girls and tried to fondle them.

Four years later, in late July of this year, one of the victim’s boyfriends shared a recorded conversation with police about the incident. Noblesville police interviewed the girls, and one of the victims gave a detailed description of McKinney’s house from the inside.

McKinney told police during questioning that he never had any students in his house for any reason. Court documents say his story later changed, and he said student assistants would babysit for him from time to time.

Police arrested and charged McKinney. The Noblesville School District says McKinney was no longer an employee of the school as of August 4.

Residents in Noblesville expressed shock and disappointment after learning about the charges against the former teacher.

“It is a surprise; teachers shouldn’t be doing things like that,” a Noblesville resident said.

McKinney is currently in the Hamilton County Jail. He is expected to be sent to the Marion County Jail to face charges in the near future.