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Parents rush to Amy Beverland Elementary after crash

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Parents rushed to Amy Beverland Elementary School late Tuesday afternoon after learning about a bus crash on campus.

Jennifer Brawner said her 12-year-old son told her what happened.

“I received the news from him. He actually texted me and said that a bus had ran over some students and that he saw it. If could I come and pick him and some of his friends up,” said Brawner. “I’m like I don’t think that’s the way they do things.”

Brawner said she didn’t know what happened when her son texted her.

She dropped everything and drove to the school.

She said parents were told to park in the shopping center across from the school.

They were then escorted to the building for pick up.

“People were walking out crying. It’s pretty tragic,” said Brawner. ” I mean, I don’t know what these kids are going to deal with tomorrow.”

Brawner said her son is a sixth grader at the school and saw the crash. She said he was worried for the people involved.

“He said he was on the passenger side of the bus so he didn’t see the driver. He said that he did see bodies underneath a tire when it parked,” said Brawner.

Other parents, like Richard Rowley picked up his son from the aftercare.

He said some kids were crying when they heard it was their principal.

“I’ve known her for years. I had two kids who go here so you know I’m feeling really sad. You know for a freak accident like that hopefully if it was needless you know I’m kind of upset that it even happened, but I’m feeling really sad right now,” said Rowley.

The district notified parents about the crash and pick up procedures with an automatic robo call.

The district also issued a statement saying classes will be cancelled Wednesday to mourn the loss of principal Susan Jordan.

Counselors will be available for families and staff to cope with the sudden loss.