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Binkley visits Indiana amid push for GOP debate stage

Ryan Binkley (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — One Republican presidential hopeful told News 8 that the party needs to find a way to connect with inner-city voters.

Ryan Binkley is the president and CEO of the Richardson, Texas-based consulting firm Generational Group and a pastor. He launched a long-shot presidential bid earlier this year after weighing the idea for the past eight years.

Although he has yet to register any meaningful poll numbers, Binkley told News 8’s Phil Sanchez in an interview for “All INdiana Politics” he expects to meet the donor threshold to appear in the Republican Party’s presidential primary debates. The GOP’s requirement that candidates earn at least 1% of support in at least two national polls means Binkley is unlikely to appear in debates for now.

Binkley said many Republican voters he talks to are still upset over the 2020 election and the justice system’s treatment of Donald Trump but are ready to move on. He said the party needs to find a way to turn around its long losing streak in the popular vote, particularly in the nation’s largest cities. The Democratic nominee has won the popular vote in every presidential election since 1992, except in 2004.

“Right now, you know, if you’re struggling financially, a message of free health care, free tuition, free anything, is actually very compelling,” he said. “So what’s our alternative? If I believe in fiscal stewardship, and I believe in, you know, independence and freedom, and not too big of government? What does that mean? Well, I got to start teaching people if they’re going to come out of poverty, what are we going to show them?”

Binkley said he wants to invest in trade and vocational training. He also wants to start a nationwide program in which college students provide supplemental reading lessons to low-income children. On the healthcare front, Binkley said he wants to improve competition and price transparency in order to bring down medication prices.

Binkley added he believes all indictments against former President Donald Trump are politically motivated and have little legal standing. He said he very likely would pardon Trump if he were convicted on federal charges though Binkley added as president, he probably would not be able to do anything about a state conviction.

“All INdiana Politics” airs at 9:30 a.m. Sunday on WISH-TV.