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Scooters hit the streets again

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Look out for Lime and Bird scooters back on the streets. With them come new rules and regulations for users from the city of Indianapolis.

Expect to see more as the days pass. On Tuesday, 250 scooters were sent out, and Lime says it expects to have about 1,500 scooters on the ground in the coming days. Lime scooters are 1$ to unlock and 15 cents for every minute after that.  

The City-County Council in July passed an ordinance requiring scooter companies to pay the city $15,000 a year plus $1 per scooter per day.     

The city also released the infographic to make the dos and don’ts of using the scooters simple.

Wear a helmet at all times and don’t operate while controlling an animal. Only one person per scooter at a time and when parking don’t block any walkways or driveways.

Also, follow the traffic laws because you have to use them on the street and not on sidewalks or trails. 

Lastly, park at least four feet away from a sidewalk or driveway or in a bike rack. There have been mixed reviews about their return, safety seems to be a big factor. 

For more information about the scooters, click here and here.