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Seal slaps man in the face with an octopus

(WCMH) – Kiwi kayaker, Kyle Mulinder, happened to be in “the wrong place at the wrong time” when he got slapped directly in the face by an Octopus wielded by a seal, according to Time magazine.

Yes, you read that right: a seal had an octopus in its mouth in the midst of a battle royale of marine creatures. The seal emerged from the water flailing around with the octopus, which ended up hitting the unsuspecting kayaker in the face while he was out enjoying the great outdoors.

“We were just sitting out in the middle of the ocean and then this huge male seal appeared with an octopus and he was thrashing him about for ages,” Mulinder told Yahoo News about the freak encounter with nature. Then came the big moment. “I was like ‘mate, what just happened?’”

As it turns out, Mulinder was out kayaking with a team of content creators for GoPro testing camera equipment — so they were able to capture all the footage of the incident on video.