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Tips for parents on prom safety

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – It’s prom season and high school students all over Indiana are getting focusing on the exciting event.

Finding dresses, suits, ordering corsages and boutonnieres, the students have a lot to worry about.

But they aren’t the only ones worrying. Parents worry about the safety of their student while at prom.

Jacquie Braeger from the Christian Theological Seminary stopped by WISH-TV to give parents some tips.

Here are some of the questions she answered:

  • Besides the price tag of the dress, suit and limo, what else should parents be concerned about?
  • How can parents bring the topic of safety up to their teens?
  • What things can we recommend teens do ahead of prom?
  • Should we ask teens to check in with parents at any point of the night?
  • Should parents check their kid’s social media pages?
  • Where can parents get more information?