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Visiting Franklin County

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Nestled in Southeast Indiana, the heart of Franklin County runs the Whitewater River.

Ranger Spencer Beard from the local Army Corp of Engineers is tasked with teaching Joe Melillo the basics of fly fishing.

“Boating, fishing here on the river, we have excellent kayaking and with the fly fishery it is a little bit of a rare opportunity,” says Ranger Beard. “In this area we do have people coming from states all around to see if they can catch one of our rainbow or brown trout.”

The Whitewater River is always cold. The Army Corp of Engineers maintains the river temperature, so it is primed for the some of the best trout fishing around.

“Trout prefer a temperature of 65 degrees or lower. Any warmer than that they become lethargic,” says Ranger Beard. “What we do is release water from lower and lower depths this summer as the temperatures rise”

Fly fishing is not easy, but some tips from an experienced fly fisherman is key.

“You want to have a nice easy cast and when you go back you won’t hear a noise that’s how you know you’re doing it right,” says Ranger Beard. “One thing you can do to figure out what is there you can get a net and go in the stream and swoop up whatever is under there and try to base what your using on that.”

No luck this time around but if you want to learn more about the trout fishing and other outdoor activities you can do in Franklin County, check out their website here.