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Watch: FBI SWAT members go door-to-door in Florida trying to find killer

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – When the doorbell rang at the Seminole Heights home of Aaron Stubblefield on Tuesday, there was a stern voice outside.

“FBI!” the agent shouted.

That’s how some residents in the normally quiet neighborhood were greeted, as FBI SWAT members went door-to-door looking for a killer.

At Stubblefield’s home, at least seven agents showed up to check on the place.

“About fifteen minutes ago, I mean, they just swarmed this place. I’ve never seen that parking lot that full,” said resident Paul Velez, who lives not far from Stubblefield’s home.

The members pulled into a parking lot, suited up quickly and got down to business.

“We’re just setting up here, we need you to move back past this church,” one of the members said.

Then, they methodically went door-to-door.

Neighbors appreciate the hard work by police, but it does little to quell their fears after a fourth person was randomly killed just blocks away.

“I hope they catch the guy. I hope he gets caught so we can go live our normal lives, not be so afraid,” Velez said.

Natalia Mendez came to work at the Olde Heights Bistro, but it was closed because of the police investigation, so she sat outside and painted – and pondered.

“This is the most shocking, out of all,” Mendez said. “I’m not callous about anything else that’s happened. But for things to continue happening regardless of police presence and efforts, this is real shocking.”

Shocking knowing her neighborhood was considered quiet and safe – until now.

“I absolutely trusted at this point no one could be so bold to do anything, actually commit something like murder,” she said.