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Website helping parents keep a digital eye on their kids

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) – A website designed by and made for parents has a goal of helping them better understand the dangers their children face in the digital world. It’s called

One of the most recent posts on the site highlights an issue brought to light in the Park Tudor coach investigation.

It explains how an app can help parents monitor how their children are using their cell phones.

Anybody can browse the content on the website. If parents have a question about a phone app or new street drug there’s a good chance this site has the answer.

The co-creator just hopes parents read it before it’s too late.

Parents don’t just look after their kids. They look out for each other.

“If there’s an app that their kids are using that they know about that’s not already on our site, definitely would love to have their input there,” said John Michels as he browsed the website he helped create.

Careful Parents helps bridgs the digital and generational gap between children and their parents.

There’s an article that breaks down acronyms teens use when texting and info on a new app that helps parents monitor phone use.

“That’s kind of our goal is to create that awareness so that parents can talk to their kids about those things that they’re using already and how potentially they could be used in a negative way.

Messages on a cell phone are at the heart of an investigation involving Kyle Cox, a former Park Tudor teacher and basketball coach accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Investigators said the student’s father learned of their relationship by checking the student’s phone.

“Learning how the dad was able to navigate through that situation is pretty impressive,” said Michels.

Other fathers like Steve Rienke from Muncie wouldn’t be afraid to do the same.

“My children growing up knew we would go through their bedroom, through their drawers, through their closets,” he said. “So they were doing really well if they hid anything from us and I think every parents obligation (is) to do that.

But he admits a website like Careful Parents would have been helpful along the way. Michels hopes other parents realize that, too.

“Hopefully that will help get more parents involved and help get more content on the site as well,” said Michels.

Anyone can view articles on the website but if you sign up to be a free member, you can submit articles.

The website is user friendly on smartphones but Michels who to soon develop an app so members can get notifications regarding new articles and posts.