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Wednesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines.

Loan policy

Some schools ae doing away with loans.

This includes Indiana University-Bloomington.

The schools have a big enough endowment to offer the no-loans policy so they can offer financial aid.


Amazon is reportedly among the bidders for 22 regional sports cable networks.

This would include Fox Sports Indiana and Fox Sports Midwest.

This wouldn’t be Amazon’s first sports move. It is in its second season of streaming Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video.

Adding more live sports could bring newcomers to Amazon Prime and create a new revenue stream for Amazon.


Apple is paying people to tote backpacks around some cities.

They are gathering pedestrian-level data for Apple Maps.

Apple says its working to create the best mapping app in the world from the ground up.

Romaine lettuce

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned Americans not to eat any Romaine Lettuce after an E. coli out break infected 32 people in 11 states, 13 of whom have been hospitalized.

The E. coli bacteria involved in this outbreak has the same DNA fingerprint as the strain involved in last year’s outbreak, also tied to leafy greens.

The CDC recommends throwing away any Romaine lettuce you have in your home, even if it’s in a salad mix.