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Westbound lanes of I-465 close Friday night for repairs

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The second phase of INDOT’s latest construction project was officially underway Friday evening.

Westbound lanes of Interstate 465 on the city’s south side shut down at 9 p.m. Friday.

The second half of INDOT’s $10.2 million project will shut down westbound I-465 between I-70 and I-65 until Oct. 8.

“It is ridiculous,” said Darcie Bacher. “I won’t be able to go to the bank quick anymore, now this side of town is going to be dead and slow.” 

“You always gotta find detours and you always gotta find some way I’m not familiar with, so I get lost on the other side of town,” said Timothy Maestas. 

The 8-mile stretch of highway will be closed as crews repair worn out roads and replace four bridges.

It’s a task local drivers say is long overdue.

“People have actually messed up their tires; we’ve had so many people pull in the parking lot (of the nearby gas station) and have to change their tires or get a tow because of the potholes,” said Darien Banks. “It’s crazy.”

Scott Manning with INDOT agreed with drivers about the need to fix the roads.

He said the work is a necessity as much of the infrastructure of I-465 is still from the 1950s.

“Much of what’s out there is original from when the highway was built,” Manning said. “So, it does show its age at times. That’s why we’ve had some issues out of the past winter with potholes and bumpiness and cracks and pavement. That’s why this project was so necessary to get in there to address all of that and make for a smoother ride.”

While the closure will be frustrating, Indy drivers say the idea of smoother sailing on the highway makes it all worth it in the end. 

“Hopefully at the end of the day, 465 east and west, it will all be perfect,” said Maestas. 

INDOT told News 8 there is a chance, that the westbound closure, much like the eastbound project, could reopen sooner than Oct 8.

Manning explained if rainy weather stays away, the closure could be shorter than expected.

INDOT recommends taking I-65 and I-70 as an alternate route around the I-465 closure.

Harding Street will be another route drivers can take if they need to go north or south of the closure.