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Westfield businesses get boost from Colts training camp

(WISH-TV Photo)

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — Indianapolis Colts training camp is open to thousands of fans each year at Grant Park. It’s been an opportunity for Westfield business owners to get a boost from the crowds.

The city of Westfield government office said about 6,000 people from across Indiana and the country attended Saturday’s session of training camp.

“We love the Colts! We support them every year; it’s good to see the players practice,” said Steve Stidhom.

Fans have been flocking to downtown Westfield to cool off after a long and exciting day at training camp. Whether they’re grabbing a bite or staying the night, fans are helping drive business.

“After talking to our local business owners, they do see an uptick in their revenue and people visiting their establishments, so it is a positive impact,” said Todd Burton, chief of staff for the city of Westfield.

Melanie Miles, owner of Rail Restaurant and Bar, said she’s noticed some people dining in with Colts jerseys on.

“We’ve noticed people coming from the training camp are coming in earlier or later — like an earlier lunch or towards dinner,” said Miles.

The owner also said training camp is their busiest time in the summer.

“There are a lot of tournaments that come out here that can be like 20,000 people in a weekend, so we definitely see a lot from that. I feel like that’s kind of more within a one- or two-day timeframe whereas the training camp is through the week,” said Miles.

Bill Silvey and his family drove down for the day from Martinsville.

“It’s not just great for this facility; it’s great for the whole town. I mean they’ve got all kinds of exposure. Everybody knows Colts camp is in Westfield, so I think it’s huge,” Silvey said.

Aug. 15 is the last day of training camp.