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Westfield Pothole Patrol using cost saving method

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) – Pothole season is upon us.

 Westfield Mayor Andy Cook said “the great Indiana problem in the winter and spring is the Indiana pothole, they are famous.”

 Just in the nick of time, the Westfield Pothole Patrol is in full effect, and according to the city it is using a cost saving method.

 Crews in Westfield are now using an asphalt recycler to create material to fill the potholes.

 “The asphalt recycler is an investment that will save the city money over time,” Mayor Andy Cook said. “The administration is always looking for new ways to perform excellent customer service for our citizens, but at the same time saving citizen’s money.”

 The machine reuses asphalt millings to create pavement to fill in potholes around Westfield. In less than 20 minutes, the machine can make 500 pounds of material.

 “Our guys are constantly looking for better ways to patch a hole so we invested a little money in a new machine that actually makes its own hot asphalt,” Mayor Cook said. “The old method was using what is called ‘cold patch’ and that is temporary.”

 The mayor said the asphalt will last years, rather than just a season. And that’s not the only benefit. The city said it will result in about 80 percent tax savings for residents. According to the Mayor, making the asphalt costs $20.00 per ton, compared to $100.00 per ton for cold patch.

 “We save a lot in materials and we save a lot in labor costs,” Mayor Cook said.

 There is one asphalt recycler in commission right now but the City said it might add more in the future. Noblesville also uses the recycler method for potholes.

 Westfield encourages residents to to report potholes through the customer service management tool, WeConnect. You can find this service on the city’s website and the Westfield app.

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