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Woman injured after being hit by baseball bat during road rage incident

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP/WCMH) – A Florida woman says she suffered a broken nose when she was attacked by two sisters with a baseball bat during a road rage incident.

Mikaela Barboza tells the Miami Herald she cut off another driver on Thursday near Fort Lauderdale. The other driver and her sister, who was in another car, began yelling at her. Barboza says she pulled into a nearby parking lot because she was worried for her safety. She called 911 when the women followed her and blocked in her car.

“I just put my phone on record and got out, and that’s when it all started,” she told WSVN.

They got into a tussle and one of the women hit Barboza with a metal bat.

“I thought this was it for me. I mean, I was just fighting for my life. After I got hit the first [time], I just grabbed her, and we started wrestling on the floor, so I got the bat away from her,” Barboza told WSVN.

The women left before deputies arrived.

In hindsight, Barboza says she should have stayed in the car.