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American Hartford Gold Review 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re considering investing in the American Hartford Gold Group and want to determine if it’s suitable for your retirement plan, you’re in the right place. 

We understand the significance of choosing the best company to invest in, so we’ve conducted comprehensive research on all the major players. 

Our evaluation process focuses on recognizing companies that offer exceptional customer service. By comparing and contrasting the top companies, you can make an informed decision that meets your needs and investment objectives.

As we explore the history of the American Hartford Gold Group, we’ll reveal the secrets behind their success and examine the unique offerings that have made them a reliable choice for investors seeking to safeguard their wealth. 

Get ready for an amazing journey where gold, wisdom, and prosperity merge in the realm of the American Hartford Gold Group.

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American Hartford Gold Review: What Is American Hartford Gold?

American Hartford Gold Group is a renowned precious metal IRA retailer. They offer a variety of investment plans and options, including physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, with competitive pricing. 

Their expertise in asset protection and market movement capitalization makes them a reliable option. American Hartford Gold Group’s website design is user-friendly, making them an attractive option for those interested in precious metal investments. 

They’re highly regarded for their exceptional service, efficient processing, and exceptional customer support, making them one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Ensuring your well-being and investment security is their top priority, even during uncertain economic times. They provide the utmost safety, privacy, and convenience to their clients.

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American Hartford Gold Overview

American Hartford Gold is the top seller of physical gold and silver in the United States. They have successfully provided over $1.5 billion worth of precious metals to satisfied customers. 

Their outstanding reputation is evident from their A+ rating from the BBB and thousands of 5-star ratings on Trustpilot and Google. 

Key features of American Hartford Gold include

  • Lowest price guarantee and no buy-back fees
  • IRAs, 401Ks, and TSPs should provide physical distribution and storage
  • Outstanding client service based on integrity, honesty, and openness

American Hartford Gold Review: Pros and Cons

American Hartford Gold Review: Pros

  • They scored an A+ from the BBB with 361 reviews averaging 4.9/5
  • Precious metals specialists provide free financial advice
  • Low prices, no buy-back fees, and easy transactions
  • Exclusive advice from Rick Harrison and Bill O’Reilly
  • Fox News, Epoch Times, Newsmax, and RSBN covered it

American Hartford Gold Review: Cons

  • Since the website does not provide coin prices, contact a salesperson
  • Palladium and platinum are scarce in self-directed IRAs

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American Hartford Gold is a precious metals retailer well-known for catering to investors of all levels of experience. 

One of their main products is the Gold IRA, specifically designed to safeguard retirement funds from inflation, recession, and market fluctuations. 

This helps offer an additional layer of security to investors concerned about the stability of traditional investment options and who wish to diversify their assets with precious metals.

American Hartford Gold is an ideal option for those with limited experience investing in precious metals and prefer expert guidance. This is due to the company’s commitment to exceptional customer service and a wide range of options.

Suppose you’re approaching retirement and want to ensure the stability of your savings in the face of potential stock market volatility. In that case, American Hartford Gold is a perfect candidate for you. 

This is especially true if you have some prior investment experience but desire the added assurance of a diversified portfolio that includes precious metals. You value a company with a strong reputation, diverse options, and excellent customer service, which American Hartford Gold can provide.

Overall, American Hartford Gold offers a Gold IRA that safeguards against market volatility and provides additional security for retirement savings.

American Hartford Gold Fees and Costs

American Hartford Gold charges standard fees for managing IRAs, along with storage and other expenses that are typical for these types of assets.

Let’s examine the various fees and charges in more detail:

  • Delivery costs: This dealer of gold provides a valuable service of free insured delivery, which is highly appreciated considering the high expenses involved in carrying precious metals.
  • Storage costs: Gold and other precious metal IRAs come with yearly storage and custody expenses, which vary according to the account’s value. American Hartford Gold typically charges fees of $180 or below.
  • IRA fees: The firm offers a fee waiver for customers who make a purchase of over $50,000. This waiver covers all IRA fees for one year, and it may be extended for up to three years through various promotions.
  • Minimum cash investment: You need to have at least $1,500 in cash if you want to make a purchase.
  • IRA rollover minimum: To initiate an IRA rollover, you need to fulfill the account minimum requirement of $10,000.
  • Prices for the products: To obtain details regarding the prices of our products, kindly reach out to American Hartford Gold. It’s common for gold and silver dealers to refrain from listing prices on their websites, and we follow the same practice.

When considering an investment in precious metals, it’s essential to examine all associated fees and expenses beforehand to prevent any unforeseen costs.

American Hartford Gold Review: American Hartford Gold Storage Options

American Hartford Gold presents a variety of storage options for their customers’ gold IRAs. It’s crucial to keep physical assets in a safe depository when establishing a precious metals IRA

These storage providers are accountable for protecting gold, silver, and other precious metals that are kept in individual retirement accounts, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of investors.

American Hartford Gold offers different storage options to its clients.

  • Brinks Global Services: The company has depository sites in Los Angeles, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, and New York, NY, where they offer segregated and non-segregated storage options.
  • Delaware Depository: The storage facility located in Wilmington, DE offers segregated and non-segregated storage services that are known for their reliability and trustworthiness.
  • International Depository Services: This business specializes in offering storage solutions that are separated from one another, and their depository options are found in New Castle, DE, and Dallas, TX.

In this scenario, the word “segregated” refers to the practice of storing a client’s precious metal assets individually without combining them with the assets of other clients. Though combining assets can lower storage expenses, some investors prefer to keep their assets apart.

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American Hartford Gold Review: American Hartford Gold Promotions

Establishing an American Hartford Gold IRA comes with several benefits, and one of them is the availability of ongoing promotions. You can reap the following advantages:

American Hartford Gold Review: $10,000 in Free Silver on Qualified Accounts

Establishing an American Hartford Gold IRA has several benefits, one of which is the availability of ongoing promotions. By opting for this investment option, you can enjoy the following advantages:

American Hartford Gold Review: Free Storage, Maintenance, and Insurance for up to 3 Years

This particular firm that deals in gold IRAs is offering a unique deal wherein you can avail yourself of fee waivers for a maximum of three years upon transferring your IRA. The duration of no storage, maintenance, or insurance fees that you qualify for depends on the size of your gold IRA and can span from one year to three years.

American Hartford Gold Review: Free Shipping on Direct Purchases

When you decide to open an American Hartford Gold IRA or request the delivery of your gold and silver coins at your doorstep, you can take advantage of free and insured shipping. 

This gold IRA firm guarantees a smooth purchase of valuable metals, removing any worries about unexpected costs.

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American Hartford Gold Review: Advantages 

American Hartford Gold offers a range of benefits to its customers, which include:

American Hartford Gold Review: Excellent Ratings and Reviews

The Post and Courier reported that a gold dealer has received many positive ratings and reviews online. Several American Hartford Gold reviews praised the company for providing excellent assistance. 

The team was observed going beyond expectations to explain the process to each client and guarantee a hassle-free buying experience.

American Hartford Gold Review: Free Gold IRA Investors Kit

American Hartford Gold offers a free guide on their website that can be helpful if you’re considering investing in precious metals or a gold IRA. 

The guide is a comprehensive 25-page resource that covers various topics, including the benefits of using a precious metals IRA to safeguard and increase your retirement savings and what to expect during the setup process. 

Additionally, the company provides regular news updates to keep current and potential investors informed about the gold market.

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American Hartford Gold Review: World-Class Customer Service

American Hartford Gold takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service to its clients. The team is dedicated to providing all the necessary support through online resources and personalized assistance. 

The website offers valuable information such as price charts, fact sheets, news articles, and a detailed FAQ section. Clients can check the latest gold and silver prices on the homepage. 

The knowledgeable specialists are always available to address any concerns and questions. As evidenced by several American Hartford Gold reviews, the company strives to offer a seamless experience, whether clients receive gold coins or rollover funds to a gold IRA

It’s essential to choose a reliable dealer when investing in precious metals, whether it’s through a self-directed IRA or physical coins. We advise thoroughly evaluating the pros and cons of any company under consideration to ensure the best prices and services.

American Hartford Gold Review: Free Shipping and Free Storage for up to 3 Years on IRA Rollovers

Investing in precious metals through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) comes with additional costs beyond just funding the account. According to, gold dealers charge for maintenance, shipping, and storage. 

But, by selecting a specific dealer, you can eliminate these extra fees for up to three years. If you partner with them to create a retirement account supported by silver or gold, the dealer will waive these IRA charges for at least one year.

American Hartford Gold Review: Endorsed by Bill O’Reilly

American Hartford Gold has been endorsed by well-known figures such as Bill O’Reilly, Rick Harrison, and Rudy Giuliani. As an exclusive precious metals company with a strong investment history, they have earned the trust and support of these respected individuals.

American Hartford Gold Group Reviews: Hassle-Free Buyback Program

American Hartford Gold stands out among other Gold IRA companies because of its buyback guarantee. This means that clients can sell their precious metals without paying extra fees for asset liquidation, which is not the case with other companies. 

If American Hartford Gold can repurchase the metals in your IRA, they may also handle the shipment for you.

American Hartford Gold Group Reviews: Products and Services Offered by American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold provide a broad range of services to help you purchase physical gold and silver, create precious metal IRAs, and carry out IRA rollovers. When you partner with American Hartford Gold, you can buy and receive physical metals without any delivery charges. 

They offer various top-quality options, including collectible gold coins, gold bullion, silver bullion, and more. You can choose from popular gold coins such as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Canadian Gold Buffalo, and American Gold Eagle, as well as gold and silver bars, among others.

Furthermore, American Hartford Gold can assist you in establishing a self-directed IRA-backed by precious metals, such as gold, silver, and other physical metals. This enables you to relish the tax advantages of traditional IRAs while diversifying your investment portfolio. 

You can transfer funds from your current retirement account to the new IRA without incurring any penalties. This precious metals dealer also helps clients establish gold and silver IRAs and roll over retirement funds from other accounts. 

It makes it simple for retirement accounts to store physical metals via dependable services. It’s important to keep in mind that the precious metal assets held in an IRA must meet specific criteria for approval by the IRS. 

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American Hartford Gold Group Reviews: Disadvantages 

Possible drawbacks may arise when dealing with American Hartford Gold.

  • No shipments to other countries are permitted
  • No products based on palladium or platinum
  • The price of the products is not shown on the website

If you’re looking to invest in precious metals beyond gold and silver, you may want to consider other companies. 

One such company is Birch Gold Group, which provides a range of platinum and palladium products, such as the Australian Platinum Florin and palladium bars and rounds. To discover more alternative precious metal dealers, refer to the information provided below.

American Hartford Gold’s Reviews from Real Users – Is American Hartford Gold Legitimate

We conducted a thorough analysis of Goldco by researching online reviews to determine their legitimacy and effectiveness. Our aim was to provide valuable insights by analyzing real people’s personal experiences. 

This comprehensive understanding of Goldco’s service will help you make an informed decision on whether or not to trust and consider the company’s success.

American Hartford Gold is well-known and respected in the industry. They have received recognition from reputable companies, and most customers have praised their outstanding customer service. The expertise of their staff is highly valued by customers.

American Hartford Gold Group Reviews: Alternatives to American Hartford Gold 

Augusta Precious Metals – Best Overall 

Augusta Precious Metals is a prominent player in the gold IRA industry, boasting more than 45 years of experience in delivering investment products like silver and gold bullion. The company emphasizes transparency by providing expense breakdowns and conducting one-on-one web panels for clients. 

While they don’t charge transaction fees, there are price spreads for physical metals. Despite a higher minimum investment requirement, Augusta’s reputation, refund policy, and secure storage facilities make them a dependable choice in the industry. 

One thing to remember is that their selection of metals is limited, and the minimum investment is relatively high. However, their customer service is highly regarded.

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Oxford Gold – Best for Educational Resources

Discover the path to a prosperous and secure retirement with Oxford Gold Group, a leading firm specializing in retirement planning through precious metals IRAs. Their expertise and dedication ensure a bright future for clients, offering a range of services that include physical gold purchases, seamless gold IRA setup, and the added advantage of diversification through silver, platinum, and palladium.

At Oxford Gold Group, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. They prioritize client education, enabling them to make informed decisions about their financial future. To guarantee the safety of clients’ investments, they partner with reputable facilities like Brinks Depository and Delaware Depository, providing secure storage options.

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Lear Capital – Best for First-Time Buyers

Lear Capital is a company that specializes in precious metals IRAs, offering valuable metal coins to help diversify individual retirement accounts. Their focus is on personalized service, providing dedicated account managers to assist clients, and maintaining transparent fee structures. 

Lear Capital has received positive feedback from satisfied clients and has maintained a high Trustpilot rating. With almost 25 years of experience, they aim to provide seamless investment processes and expert guidance to those who wish to invest in precious metals IRAs.

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American Hartford Gold Review – Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve prepared a concise FAQ section for American Hartford Gold, which covers significant inquiries about this gold IRA firm.

American Hartford Gold Group Reviews: What Is the Minimum Investment for American Hartford Gold?

When you choose American Hartford Gold, you won’t have to worry about meeting a minimum investment requirement for setting up your gold and silver IRA. However, if you plan to transfer your existing IRA, you must invest at least $10,000.

American Hartford Gold Group Reviews: How Long Does a Gold IRA Account Setup Take?

Establishing a gold IRA with American Hartford Gold is a quick process that can be completed within a day. However, the duration of transferring funds may vary depending on your existing IRA custodian, and it may take up to five business days.

American Hartford Gold Group Reviews: How Do I Roll Over Funds From My Current IRA Into a Gold IRA?

You have two choices to transfer your retirement funds without any penalties: a 60-day rollover or a trustee-to-trustee transfer.

  • 60-day rollover: When you select a new IRA, you can opt for the 60-day rollover method. This gives you two months to transfer the funds from your current account to the new one. It’s important to note that you may be subject to fines if you miss the deadline.
  • Trustee-to-trustee transfer: If you opt for this choice, your current IRA service provider will directly transfer the funds to the new provider, for example, American Hartford Gold.

This company assists you in moving your assets from an old tax-deferred account to a new one in a different tax bracket.

American Hartford Gold Group Reviews: Does American Hartford Gold Use the Insurance When Shipping Precious Metals?

American Hartford Gold offers free shipping for all orders, including tracking and insurance, at no extra cost. 

If any unfortunate incident happens during transit, the company’s insurance will protect the customers financially. This insurance coverage comes without any additional charges.

Final Thoughts on American Hartford Gold Review

Looking to invest in precious metals and set up a gold IRA? American Hartford Gold is a top choice. Their gold IRA process is hassle-free, and their expert team is always ready to help. 

Their representatives are always available if you have any queries or require more information. Secure your financial future today by choosing American Hartford Gold. 

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