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‘Pet Pals TV’: Taming feral cats and kittens

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every week, Pet Pals TV shares a fun, interesting and informative story about our four-legged and furry friend population.

This week, Patty Spitler, the host of “Pet Pals TV,” was joined by Tom Dock, veterinary journalist with Noah’s Animal Hospital, to discuss taming and caring for feral cats and kittens.

“We need to really talk about a differentiation.” said Spitler. “The new term is community cats. Because we have two different populations. We have a feral population. We’ve never seen people. We don’t like people. We’re going to run away and hide. We’re not even come near you. Right. And then you have a stray cat population. Right. That maybe at some point in time in their kitten, they might have been socialized, introduced to people.”

Watch the full interview above to learn more.