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Drew Narsutis: Renaissance Weatherman

Photo by Scott Sander

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — “I speak Japanese,” Drew Narsutis, WISH-TV’s newest meteorologist, said.

And just like that, Narsutis had the whole room’s attention.

Drew is the “new guy”- a talented meteorologist who joined WISH-TV about a month ago, but jumped into the Daybreak fray for the first time today, tackling both the forecast and the traffic.

Someone (OK, it was Scott) had just asked him the kind of mundane ‘Welcome to the team, tell us about yourself’ question that usually leads to “I like pizza” or “My favorite color is blue.”

But nothing that dull for Drew! Instead, he dropped the showstopper.

“I speak Japanese” is the kind of answer that leads everyone else to stop talking, and firmly announces that there’s a new “Most Interesting Daybreaker” in town.

Turns out his high school offered it, so he took it. He studied in Japan for a semester for good measure.

Then, he silenced the room again.

Someone (Scott, again) asked if he liked sports, and if so, which ones.

“Yep! Baseball. Football. Badminton.”

I’m sorry, say again?

“I was on the badminton team at Penn State.” (At this point, Scott stopped asking questions and just sat quietly in slack-jawed awe.)

But wait, there’s more!

Turns out Drew is also a serial dog dad. Drew estimates that has cared through more than 50 (FIFTY!!!) dogs through foster programs – stemming from his longtime love of animals, especially those in shelters.

Word to the wise, central Indiana shelters: answer the phone when Drew calls.

Drew’s journey to WISH-TV has been a winding one. He was raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, so he knows the midwest well.

His career travels have included stops out west in Casper, Wyoming and east in Huntington, West Virginia.

Drew is the second Nittany Lion on the StormTrack 8 and Daybreak teams, joining Ryan Morse.

Drew says he and Ryan were briefly on the Happy Valley campus at the same time, but never got the chance to meet.

Much like we are with Ryan’s morning visits, we’re excited that Drew will be regular part of the Daybreak rotation.

Between those appearances, you can catch him Saturday and Sunday evenings on WISH-TV. He’s also a drone pilot, so you’ll see his work covering central Indiana from above.

(And if you see him out and about, be sure to ask him about the time he ate 20 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in one sitting. See? It never stops with this guy…! -Scott)