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Business Coach Helps Women Entrepreneurs Think Big    

2024-01-07 – BE&O GS

Andrea Liebross is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs level up and achieve their dreams. The author and speaker is coming to Indianapolis to host one of her unique interactive sessions. 

Liebross, who is also a podcast host and business coach, says she loves helping women turn their ideas into action. She works with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses while maintaining a healthy life. That’s a task that can be more complicated for professional women.  

Liebross says many women face the reality of the ups and downs of owning a business. “It’s a lot of hard work,” she says. One of the things that gets in the way the most, Liebross says, is business owners themselves. “What gets in the way is you.” She says it’s important not to give up in the face of challenges and not to build mental roadblocks that can slow down any progress you might be making.  

Liebross also encourages women to be creative and try new things. With a message to embrace the fear, she says the way past many challenges is to face them head-on. Liebross says, “You have to believe.”

One key component entrepreneurs need, according to Liebross, is a solid support structure. “Support is the number one key to moving forward,” she says. Securing support can be just as critical as securing capital for your business. 

Her book, She Thinks Big: The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Moving Past the Messy Middle and into the Extraordinary, is a bestseller on Amazon.   

On Friday, January 19, Liebross will host the “She Thinks Big” conference and interactive event at the Vision Loft inside the Stutz Building. With workshops and networking opportunities, the event aims to help women entrepreneurs create a 2024 filled with extraordinary results.