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Business Owners Can Benefit from Grow with Google 

2024-01-28 – BE&O RYB

Google is launching a $1 billion commitment focused on providing training, tools, and resources for small business owners nationwide. 

The Grow with Google campaign features new artificial intelligence tools that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and train their staff. Interest in the initiative was fueled by a recent survey that found that a quarter of workforce employees expect to change their jobs in the next year. 

The rapid employee shift will cause many to seek training and tools to prepare for a life in a different industry. In addition, Lisa Gevelber, an executive at Google and founder of Grow with Google, says millennial and Gen-Z workers, particularly, are prone to switching companies when they feel proper training or advancement opportunities are not being provided at their current workplace. Gevelber says small business owners should use Grow with Google to upskill their workers.    

From cyber security to medical fields, Grow with Google provides training and resources to entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills or reposition their business into a different industry.

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