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Butler’s Pizza Returns to the West Side of Indianapolis  

2024-01-28 – BE&O GS

After a seven-year hiatus, Butler’s Pizza is returning to the west side of Indianapolis. 

The highly popular pizza chain was started by Wylie and Amanda Butler in 1990 and quickly grew to a handful of locations in the city. But after their last remaining store was closed in 2017, west side residents were left craving the delectable pizzas. 

The wait is finally over as Butler’s Pizza has opened its newest location inside The AMP at 16 Tech. That’s where Dionne Butler, the son of Wylie and Amanda Butler, decided to continue his family’s Indianapolis pizza legacy.     

Joining Dionne at Butler’s Pizza are his 17-year-old twin daughters, Dejanae and Dominae. The twins say their family heard constant pleas from west-side residents to bring the pizza back, and since opening their location at The Amp, many long-time customers have returned. 

“It’s the sauce,” Dominae says, referring to Butler’s unique sauce that gives each pizza a unique taste that has captivated customers for over 30 years. Adding to the nostalgic flavor, Butler’s Pizza sells classic Faygo sodas, just like the original locations in the 90s.    

The twins, who work at the new location, say they are proud to keep their grandparent’s legacy going. From greeting customers to picking up supplies, they say they are getting a full course on running a business. “We can learn a lot from this. ” 

The AMP at 16 Tech features more than 20 vendors. Butler’s Pizza is open Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.