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Colts Fans Are Cheering Local Natural Tea Company

2023-12-03 – BE&O SuSt

What started as an obsession to give her kids healthy alternatives to sugary juices and sodas has become a successful tea business and a favorite drink option at Indianapolis Colts games. 

After almost 20 years and many requests from friends and family to bottle her homemade tea that featured special blends and all-natural ingredients, Lisa Gross finally decided to work with her husband, Kevin, to produce and bottle Nature’s Tea Company. Lisa said her friends would say, “I’ve never had any tea like that in my life. Sell it!”

Kevin Gross, a former chemist who spent 30 years developing and testing nearly 200 products, says Lisa was working a full-time job back then, and it was a big decision to make the leap to becoming a small business owner. But finally, in February of 2018, the two started bottling their tea for the masses. 

Six months later, they earned shelf space at the Georgetown Market on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Kevin says finding shelf space is very difficult, and keeping the space fully stocked and supplied is also a unique challenge.   

After a clandestine interaction at the NFL combine, Kevin says the Indianapolis Colts reached out and wanted to inquire about selling their tea inside Lucas Oil Stadium during football games. The response from Colts fans was overwhelmingly positive. “It never gets old to see the smile on their face,” Kevin says. 

Nature’s Tea Company features seven unique flavors that range from mango mojito to pineapple green, and hibiscus sangria. 

Kevin and Lisa say people love their product because it is organic, kosher, low in sugar, and has no dyes or additives. Everything in their tea comes directly from nature. They also say their tea helps promote healthy sleep and a strong immune system.   

You can visit their storefront at 6210 La Pas Trail in Indianapolis or shop online at