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Creating a Career Path for Women in Construction   

2024-03-17 – BE&O IF

Nationally, women only make up 10% of the construction industry. One local organization is looking to increase that number in Indiana. 

The Indianapolis chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is focused on creating more opportunities and providing guidance for women looking to break into the male-dominated construction industry. Jordyn Nelson Fox, the NAWIC Vice President, says the Indianapolis chapter hosts monthly education and networking events to create more awareness for women.  

From project manager to superintendent, Fox says there are a growing number of opportunities for women looking to enter the construction industry. Still, there is often an intimidation factor when it comes to breaking through for women, and that’s why the NAWIC is focused on creating a strong support system.    

Fox says local unions are increasingly creating more opportunities for women by paying for apprenticeships and doing more outreach at local schools. 

The NAWIC provides scholarships every year, with the support of donors and an annual golf outing. The scholarships can be used to pursue a construction degree or training and certification from a trade school.  

Fox encourages women interested in a career in the construction industry to get involved early. She says construction is now a legitimate career path for women, and even though many see them as an underdog, “Women can do these jobs!”