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Empower Results: Fueling success with a fresh start!

Empower Results, a company based in Fountain Square has been recognized as the certified minority and women-owned business enterprise vendor of the month for April.

Jill Hoffman, the principal owner of Empower Results, founded the company in 2007 with a focus on creating programs, partnerships, and stewardship opportunities that prioritize social and environmental benefits.

Jill Hoffman, in discussing Empower Results’ mission, stated that the company was founded with the aim of being a translator, helping projects undertaken by cities, towns, or engineering firms that have technical aspects with potential impacts on the environment or communities. Empower Results seeks to ensure that these projects align with the needs and values of the community while protecting the natural environment.

Hoffman’s personal passion for water and the environment, nurtured through her upbringing in Wisconsin, led her to pursue a multidisciplinary program at Indiana University, combining policy and science to address environmental issues.

The company’s work on behalf of the environment has gained recognition from the mayor of Indianapolis, as well as at the state and regional levels.

Empower Results recognizes that businesses and leaders cannot solve environmental challenges on their own. They emphasize the importance of an informed public that cares about natural resources and actively participates in public projects.

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