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How Chef Tawanna Gulley used her health crisis to start a food-based business

Chef Tawana Gulley is the Founder and Owner of Healthy Soul restaurant, a meal prep and catering business located at The AMP at 16 Tech in Indianapolis.

Gulley’s goal is to keep her community happy and healthy. After facing a few health challenges, she began eliminating a lot of unhealthy foods, meal-prepping, and exercising regularly.

Developing these habits became life-changing for her, however, she wanted to figure out a way to maintain her lifestyle while also eating food she enjoys. From that moment forward, she was inspired to create her own restaurant.

“I’m a dreamer, you know? I always like to dream big. I think food has so many different avenues you can go down. As for me, it’s opened up a lot more private chef opportunities, but also, it’s put me in the spotlight for kids in our community that need more training, who need to be exposed to better eating habits,” Gulley said.

Gulley says cooking is her passion, but one thing she learned to do differently is changing her relationship with food.

“We are what we eat, so you can change little things and make a big difference,” she said

If you want to get started in changing your eating habits with Gulley, you can visit the Healthy Soul website.