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Indiana Pacers Award Local Small Businesses with Branding Grants 

2024-03-03 – BE&O TWIB

During NBA All-Star weekend, the Indiana Pacers awarded three local businesses with $10,000 grants.   

Small businesses will use the grants to improve their marketing and branding efforts. Rye Von, the Art Haus Balloon Company owner, says she was surprised when she won the grant and looks forward to using the money to find new customers. The Art Haus Balloon Company creates large-scale realistic balloon decor for events and non-profits. Von says some of her displays can include up to 10,000 different balloons.  

Another grant recipient is Black Leaf Vegan, owned by Derrick and Taria Slack. The pair says being awarded the money is a “tremendous opportunity,” and they hope to use it to continue impacting the Indianapolis food scene. 

Jonathan Warren and Michael Barnett own the Market Square Popcorn Company. They say they will use their grant money to refresh their packaging and improve their website to allow customers easier access to online ordering.