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Indiana Statehouse to Host Community Day on February 6 

2024-01-28 – BE&O TWIB

On February 6th, the Indiana Statehouse is hosting a Community Day in collaboration with Crossroads Public Affairs

Marshawn Wolley from Crossroads Public Affairs says the event is a great opportunity for small business owners to meet with legislators. He also says there is an opportunity to learn about laws making their way through the statehouse and how they might impact your business and community.   

Wolley says it’s important for small businesses to stay on top of statehouse events because a new law could affect the business climate dramatically, and by the time the law is passed, it’s too late to change it. Topics like tax policy and tax credits should be particularly interesting for entrepreneurs. 

New laws passed by the Indiana General Assembly could also help small businesses and Wolley; it’s just as important to meet with legislators to voice your support for those laws. 

The February 6th event is a chance for attendees to hear from lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle and both chambers of the assembly. Wooley also encourages people to sign up to provide committee testimony if a particular piece of legislation is of interest to them.   

The Indiana Statehouse Community Day is February 6th from 8:30 am to 11 am.

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