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Indianapolis Non-Profit is Helping Find the Next Group of Black CEOs 

2023-12-03 – BE&O IF

With a mission of taking schoolchildren from the classroom to the board room, the Indianapolis chapter of the Black Data Processing Association (BDPA) wants to give kids of color training and experience in the tech world.    

Aiming to improve diversity in the workplace, since 1975, BDPA Indy has been connecting with local students and hosting youth and outreach programs designed to create a pipeline to the ever-growing tech sector. 

Jamil Shabazz, Indianapolis Chapter President, BDPA Indy, says the organization is working with local recruiting firms to showcase and highlight students as they begin their careers. He also says BDPA Indy creates a safe place for students to explore new technology. “The goal here is to build a diverse workforce,” says Shabazz. 

Shabazz says many youth in their program already have a firm grasp on new technology, more so than many adults. BDPA wants to connect technology to the business side of life and help students turn their passions into careers.   

Sidney Hyette, a SITES Coordinator for BDPA Indy, says the organization runs eight-month-long tech training programs for free in downtown Indianapolis, and they have scholarships available for students. 

Shabazz says BDPA Indy is also looking to community and business leaders to help the organization carry out its mission. He says they need help from volunteers and advocates to cash donations. He says that’s what it will take to find the next group of Black business leaders and CEOs.   

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