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Investors Flock to Indiana to Support Minority-Owned Businesses

2024-03-10 – BE&O ATC

During the NBA All-Star weekend, business leaders and investors traveled to Indianapolis to meet with minority small-business owners. 

James Seth Thompson, the Senior Vice President and Head of Diversity and Multicultural Wealth Segments for Bernstein Private Wealth Management, said All-Star weekend was a great chance for investors to evaluate Indianapolis-based startups as potential partners. 

Thompson said investors are increasingly taking an interest in Indiana and want to help address the gap in funding minority-owned startups. One key to doing this, he says, is getting everyone into the same room to network and share ideas.  

According to Thompson, Indianapolis is “on the right track,” but there is more work to be done. He wants local business leaders to continue finding opportunities to grow small businesses and share their success stories. “Everyone has something to give,” he says.  

When advising entrepreneurs, Thompson says it’s okay to be vulnerable and ask for help. He encourages small business owners to build a diverse ecosystem from which they can draw advice and help.