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Local Agency Wants to Help Minority-Owned Businesses

2023-11-26 – BE&O ATC

A local government agency is working to ensure equal opportunity for minority and women-owned businesses across Indianapolis. The Office of Minority and Women Business Development works with business owners from underrepresented communities to help them participate in major projects throughout the city. 

David Fredricks, the agency’s director, says certification is available to many companies in Indiana. To attain certification, a business must be headquartered in Indiana and open for at least two years.

Available for most minority, women, military veterans, or disabled-owned businesses, a certification from the Office of Minority and Women Business Development ensures your company is included on a list of businesses allowed to participate in many city-funded and city-supported projects. Fredricks points to recent projects such as the construction of the Elanco headquarters or the Indiana University Health Hospital campus expansion as prime examples of ways minority-owned businesses can be included in projects. 

Fredricks says the department was created because the city wants to work with Indiana businesses first when handing out funds for new projects. He says the agency’s job is to help businesses “Learn how to navigate the process of doing business with the city.” 

As construction projects increase across the city, now is the time to submit your business for certification. 

Over 800 minority and women-owned businesses have received certification from the agency, and that list is growing monthly. Inclusion on this list helps showcase your company to agencies that do business with the city.  

Certification is free and valid for three years. You can learn more at