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Local Barber Opens Shop at Fort Benjamin Harrison

2024-01-28 – BE&O IF

After serving in the military, Edward Wheat shifted his focus to a career as a barber and entrepreneur. 

With the help of the business mentoring organization SCORE, Wheat, who served in the Army from 2001 to 2009, bid on an opportunity to open a barbershop at Fort Benjamin Harrison. Wheat said he started cutting his family members’ hair when he was only 12 years old. 

A 2011 graduate of Indiana University Indianapolis, Wheat studied chemistry and now uses his degree to sell hair and beard care products. Eventually, he wants to open a barbershop/beauty supply store where customers can get a one-stop-shop experience.  

Wheat says cutting hair often mirrors some of the skills he learned in the armed forces, particularly attention to detail. But more than anything, Wheat says to find success, business owners “be consistent” and find mentors to help guide them through their careers.