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Making Space for Women in HVAC

2024-03-24 – BE&O SuSt

In the usually male-dominated field of HVAC, one woman is blazing a trail of her own. 

When Renee Lucas and her husband started LCS Heating and Cooling in 2005, she wasn’t sure exactly where she would fit in. After initially focusing on office work like accounting and human resources, Lucas eventually took a more hands-on approach to her role. 

Lucas says like many other trades, the HVAC industry is evolving, and there is more room than ever for women to take an active role in the industry. She points to LCS Heating and Cooling, which has a woman technician on staff and a woman service manager. “There’s a lot of opportunity for women in the trades,” she says.  

In addition, Lucas spoke to the importance of trade work and how many fields are immune from being phased out by robots, AI, or overseas outsourcing. She encourages women to seek positions in everything from maintenance to management. 

In the search for new talent, Lucas mentions that many companies are willing to pay for training and certification for women workers who are open to learning the trade. 

Recently, Lucas was awarded the 2023 Woman of the Year by Service Nation for her work in mentoring women in the trade industry.