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Maven Space and COhatch provide unique workspaces for Indianapolis entrepreneurs

The Business, Equity & Opportunities team had the opportunity to visit two of Indiana’s successful shared workspaces, COhatch and Maven Space. These environments provide valuable opportunities for small businesses and independent workers to thrive.

Business owners from the same community can come together to share ideas and resources in this unique type of workspace. Emil Ekiyor, Founder of InnoPower Indy, explains the background and the impact the coworking space has on the community in the video above.

Ashley Scott Martin, CEO of Cerulean Consulting Group, was looking for an office space for her business that had a strong network of women. Maven Space provided her that opportunity and more in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. The coworking space hosts events with community members, amenities like a gym and podcast studio, and a members-only digital platform.

You can find more information about InnoPower here and information about COhatch here.

You can learn more about Indy Maven here and Maven space here.

This information is presented by Emil Ekiyor and Ashley Scott Martin.