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Maven Space Becomes Hub for Female Entrepreneurs    

2024-01-21 – BE&O RYB

When Leslie Bailey opened Maven Space, she wanted to create an open environment where women entrepreneurs could support and empower each other. 

Bailey describes Maven Space as a social club/event venue/coworking space, all in one. Focused on female entrepreneurs, the space was designed to help women tell their stories and create a welcoming, inclusive business environment where women could network and grow. 

With the goal of giving its users a one-stop shop, Maven Space includes a fitness center, coffee bar, and more. Bailey says this allows workers to stay in one place throughout the day without worrying about running to a coffee shop across town for a meeting.   

Bailey says everyone from digital artists to attorneys use Maven Space as a hub for their businesses, and most clientele are women. With over 100 Black women using the space, Maven Space has become a miniature hub for minority business owners to network and find resources.   

Still, Bailey says she wants to see more coworking spaces in Indianapolis, allowing entrepreneurs and remote workers to not use stuffy corporate office space or their kitchen counter at home to do their jobs. “I’m excited to see more spaces in central Indiana popping up,” she says.