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Meet the Indianapolis Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

2023-12-10 – BE&O SuSt

A group of Warren Central High School students are on the path to becoming entrepreneurs, thanks to the Walker Career Center and InnoPower. 

The unique program brings the business world to the classroom as a select group of high school juniors and seniors work to brainstorm ideas, create business plans, and, eventually, launch their products and services. 

Ethan Hickman, a student at the Walker Career Center, says he loves working with his team of classmates to improve ideas. What he appreciates most about the program are the important life lessons and the encouragement from the program’s sponsors and instructors. “Having someone behind you always pushes you forward,” he says.  

Another student in the program, Omar Madrigal, says the course is just what he was looking for because one day, he wants to be his own boss. Working with Hickman, his team is closing in on plans to create a business that helps athletes larger built find better fitting equipment and apparel. He says the program is helping him grow as a person and think more like an entrepreneur.    

Natavia Dodson-Walker says she realizes most students don’t have the unique opportunity she has since starting the course. “It really is something I try to take advantage of,” she says. Dodson-Walker is working with her teammate Saniaha Whitehead to create a business plan to launch an innovative beauty bar that will serve members of their community. 

“Reality sets in when you step into the class,” says Whitehead. Noting that the program is equally as challenging as it is rewarding, Whitehead says she has been able to overcome anxiety and build teamwork and public speaking skills while enrolled in the Walker Career Center.   

For mentorship and certification program inquiries at the Walker Career Center, you can email To learn more about the program, visit