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MORE Magazine Shines a Spotlight on Women’s Issues  

2024-03-31 – BE&O SuSt

MORE magazine was created to curate and share content intended to “Educate, inspire, and call people to action.” 

MORE stands for Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone. Arianna Cruz is the magazine’s founder, and she says she found her purpose in connecting and inspiring people through her publication.  

The magazine shares stories from people across different walks of life and focuses on starting conversations and inspiring its readers to learn more. The first issue of the magazine four years ago was focused on celebrating women. Cruz says she wants to offer context when telling stories, putting her readers in a position to become curious and further explore topics that interest them.

Content in each issue ranges from fashion and conscious living to philanthropy and sustainability. Cruz says she started the magazine, “for people who want more for themselves, more for the people they love, and more for the communities they are in.” 

While the magazine started as a digital-only publication, each issue can now be found in print. Cruz also says she is branching into podcasting with a special Founder-to-Founder podcast series where she interviews women business leaders.