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P30 Indy is Changing the Narrative About the Far Eastside 

2024-01-07 – BE&O RYB

Located on the far east side of Indianapolis, P30 Indy has a mission to rewrite the narrative of the community with the help of entrepreneurs and community members. 

When community leaders and residents of the far eastside first met in October of 2020, it was clear there was a need for a new kind of space in the long-suffering community. That’s when the group brought in the now-executive director of P30 Indy, Tamise Cross. 

Cross helped the group build P30 Indy into a coworking 30,000-square-foot space that serves as an entrepreneur incubator and community resource hub.   

With the words “Disrupt. Ignite. Launch.” painted on the outside of the building, P30 Indy is working to lift the underserved community of the far east side by using social impact and community resources.   

“We knew that we needed something that was going to stimulate economic development for the far east side of Indianapolis.” Cross says. That’s when the group decided to tap into entrepreneurship as one of its key operating objectives. But more than just starting and growing businesses, organizations that join P30 Indy have to submit a social impact plan that showcases how they intend to help and grow the Far Eastside community.    

Cross stresses that this is best done when business leaders and community members work together. “When we want to see great change in our community, we can’t do it alone,” she says. She encourages P30 Indy members to support, represent, and advocate for each other.  

Improving the quality of life on the far east side is top of mind for P30 Indy, and Cross says that will happen when members create and connect. “We’re in this together.”