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Physique 57: Bringing NYC fitness to the Midwest

Leslie Lupton, the owner of Physique 57, joined us to share her success story of bringing a NYC fitness concept to the Midwest. Leslie’s journey in establishing Physique 57 in Indianapolis is an inspiring tale of entrepreneurship and determination. She discussed the challenges and triumphs she encountered while introducing this unique fitness experience to the Midwest market. Physique 57, known for its dynamic workouts that blend barre exercises, strength training, and cardio, has gained popularity for its effective and results-driven approach. Leslie’s passion for fitness and her commitment to providing a top-notch experience to her clients shines through as she shares her success story.

This segment highlights Leslie’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to bringing a slice of New York City’s fitness scene to the Midwest. The Physique 57 website,, serves as a valuable resource for individuals interested in experiencing these dynamic workouts in the Indianapolis area. Leslie Lupton’s success story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and demonstrates the potential for unique ideas to thrive in new markets. Through her efforts, Physique 57 has become a sought-after fitness destination, offering an effective and transformative workout experience to individuals in the Midwest.