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Real Talk Teens Discuss Financial Literacy 

2024-03-10 – BE&O TWIB

Tomorrow at 6:30 pm, the Real Talk series continues on WISH-TV with a special focusing on teens and financial literacy. 

During the special, the Real Talk teens will discuss what financial literacy means to them and how adults can help students improve their knowledge of finances. The teens will share their feelings on being prepared to live in a world where financial literacy is the foundation of a successful life for an adult.  

Among the opinions shared, many Real Talk teens expressed a desire to include financial literacy courses in their high school curriculum. Shirnise Hubbard, a financial consultant, says it starts by “Understanding the difference between culture and finance.” 

With many adults living in financial distress, the Real Talk teens say they want to learn more about financial literacy and how to be exposed to learning opportunities. 

As teens continue to feel social media pressure, one guest says the strains put on students by influencers and peers can add to already mounting anxieties surrounding money and finances.  


Hirons, a research-based advertising and public relations digital agency, recently received its certification as a women-owned business from the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council. 

Hirons CEO Deana Haworth says the certification allows the agency to work with other businesses. Haworth, the first female CEO in Hirons history, stressed the agency’s commitment to supplier diversity and its work with government agencies. 

Haworth says bringing diverse voices to the table helps an organization “Push further and faster” while being able to tell their story.

In a statement about the certification, Hirons said, “By including women-owned businesses among their suppliers, corporations and government agencies demonstrate their commitment to fostering diversity and the continued development of their supplier diversity programs, which in turn empowers women as leaders and brings about a more diverse, balanced and sustainable economy.”