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Run Your Small Business Like a Super Bowl Champion 

2024-02-11 – BE&O A&B

A successful sports team has much in common with a successful small business. 

Ty Shea, the Chief Financial Officer of Circle City Broadcasting, encourages small business owners to run their organizations like a championship-acquiring sports team. 

To start, Shea reminds us that business is as close to team sport as possible without actually being on the field. In addition, he says just like the two teams taking the field for the Super Bowl this week, any good business needs a strong quarterback. And most times, that should be the owner. “As a business owner, you’ve gotta be the point person,” Shea says. 

Just like any good sports team that shops the free agent market to acquire talent, Shea says business owners should always keep their eyes open and look to hire new employees who will fill in skills gaps around the company.