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Running your business day-to-day: Inspired by Troy

The late Jacqueline Troy was a dedicated champion for women entrepreneurs and a director of the Central Indiana Women’s Business Center. Her inspiring work has led to the creation of the Jacqueline Troy Inspired Fund, which aims to support women entrepreneurs in the Indie region and encourage women to support each other in their business endeavors.

The Central Indiana Women’s Business Center offers a range of services to women entrepreneurs, including coaching, business training, networking events, and mentorship. The Jacqueline Troy Inspired Fund Award is an annual award given to a small business in the Indie region that is making a positive impact in their community and looking to grow and scale their business.

This year, the award was given to Virginia, a small business owner who has shown incredible perseverance and dedication to her community. Virginia’s business, which she started just one year ago, has grown by 400% and now employs six people. Her inspiration comes from her family, particularly her uncle, who taught her the importance of hard work and dedication.

Virginia is committed to helping other women entrepreneurs, particularly those in the immigrant community. She believes that with hard work and the right support, anyone can achieve their goals and dreams. Virginia’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of supporting small businesses, particularly those owned by women and immigrants, who are often overlooked by big corporations.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and make our communities vibrant and unique. By supporting small businesses and women entrepreneurs, we can create a stronger and more inclusive economy for everyone.