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Eskenazi Health leads the way in environmental sustainability practices for businesses day to day

Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis is committed to environmental sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its impact while providing high-quality healthcare services.

They invest in LEED-certified buildings, including their hospital campus and health center, and have a new location under construction with the same goal.

The hospital has a rooftop farm for nutrition classes and a bio-digester in their cafeteria that breaks down food waste. Their green team engages employees to identify waste reduction strategies and has audited the organization’s waste stream.

Eskenazi Health also encourages outdoor activities and transportation options to reduce environmental impact and provides public spaces for gatherings.

The organization’s sustainability efforts show that it’s possible to prioritize environmental impact without sacrificing the quality of care provided to patients.

By investing in LEED-certified buildings, implementing innovative programs, engaging employees in sustainability efforts, and promoting outdoor activities and alternative transportation options, Eskenazi Health sets an example for other healthcare organizations to follow.