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Santa Shares Business Success Tips

2023-12-24 – BE&O GS

When it comes to running a small family-owned business, no one does it better than Santa Claus. And before the big day, he decided to share some advice with fellow entrepreneurs. 

With what is probably the most successful and popular brand in the world, Santa says the business of delivering toys and gifts to people worldwide is more complex than you think. But as difficult as it might be, Santa says it all starts with wanting to spread cheer. “Everything we do at the North Pole is geared toward serving others.” 

That sentiment extends to Santa’s loyal and hardworking staff of elves, who help keep the business running year-round. Santa says the elves are his biggest asset, and he works hard to keep them happy, healthy, and rested.  

One area that is growing for Santa and his small business is technology. He says his elves are leveraging technological advances to track supplies, acquire materials, and even catalog letters and emails from children worldwide. 

When searching for raw materials to make toys, Santa says the North Pole and its wealth of natural resources is the perfect location. “The supply chain isn’t a problem,” he says. The controlled supply chain ensures he can manufacture enough toys for each girl and boy on his naughty list.    

Santa says it’s all about having “the right people in the right place” to ensure all aspects of his business are covered.

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