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Empower Results: Driving social and environmental success through community engagement

Empower Results in Town Square, a consulting firm in Indianapolis, focuses on creating programs, partnerships, and stewardship opportunities with an eye on social and environmental benefits.

Jill Hoffman, the principal owner, has a love for water, which translated into a career in the environment. She came to Indianapolis to pursue a multi-disciplinary program at IU and started her career with the Department of Natural Resources.

Empower Results in Town Square aims to help projects that have a technical aspect that might impact the environment or a neighborhood by translating the results of those projects to the community and getting the community’s voice back to the leaders of the projects. The firm works on a diverse range of projects, from revitalization efforts in different parts of the city to riverfront redevelopment master planning, bike share projects, and more.

The process of the firm’s work starts with cities and towns putting out requests for proposals, and then an engineering or landscape architecture firm responds.

The Empower Results team is then called in to help figure out how to do these projects with the least impact on the community in a negative way and the most positive impact on the community in terms of benefit or environmental protection.

Half of the team is made up of scientists and landscape architects, while other parts of the team include communication, and education policy people.

In the future, Empower Results in Town Square aims to help communities turn back towards their waterways and riverfront, incorporating them for the assets that they are. The firm believes that by integrating natural spaces, a better quality of life can be made.