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Success Story: The Sunny Lu Williams Story

Today we are highlighting the success of Indiana resident Sunny Lu Williams.

Williams is currently president of Techserv Corporation.

“I come from a long line of serial entrepreneurs” Williams states. Her grandmother founded Techserv in 1992 as an immigrant.

After her grandmother took the citizenship and driver’s test, eager to learn the ins and outs. She followed those directions to create her own business.

Williams mentions how her grandmother was one of the first police women in Taiwan and had an administrative capacity within the Taipei Metropolitan Police Agency.

She mentions the lifestyle companies her grandmother created within her community. As her children got older, Techserv became an E-right business, which is a supplier to schools and the government. Techserv’s big success occurred in the late nineties.

The company reached over 47 schools in the Chicago Public School System supplying them with computer labs. Which introduced those schools to STEM education.

Over the years, Techserv evolved from doing instruction following process systems to evolving them. After Williams’ grandmother founded Techserv in 1992, her mother strengthened Techserv’s supply chain. Sunny Lu, alumni of Purdue University helps benefit the company’s system design.

“The heart of it is working with folks that both design the system are users of the system and have the ability to look back on whether or not that system, which is a collection of processes, instructions, and ways to do things, whether it ultimately helped or hindered the population that was intended to serve” Williams states.